In the Spirit

It’s definitely fall where I live (dark mornings, fog, apples at the farmers markets, etc), and some of the neighbors have started pulling out the Halloween decorations. But this is just gross.

As the Iowa-based Gazette reports, An Eastern Iowa woman had more of a jolt than usual from her morning coffee when she found a BAT IN THE COFFEE GROUNDS.


The Iowa Department of Public Health reports that the woman had seen a bat in her house, but wasn’t particularly concerned about it.

She turned on her automatic coffee maker, went to bed and drank her coffee as usual the next morning.

When she removed the coffee filter that night, however, she discovered a dead bat in the filter that had gone through that morning’s brew cycle.

The woman received rabies shots as a precaution because the brewing process obliterated most of the bat’s brain, which is what they use to test the animal for rabies.