Cook the Books Friday: Green-as-Spring Soup

I have been eating this soup for days now: with chicken, straight from a mug over a good book, with salty Italian cheese, and as a dip for leftover roast turkey.  Any way you scoop it, it’s amazing.

Dish Count: 7

It’s creamy without cream. And it’s fresh even after nearly 14 days in my refrigerator (don’t judge).

Dorie Greenspan’s recipe calls for leeks, shallots, garlic, asparagus and zucchini – none of which I am overly found of.  They’re the vegetables I’m most likely to find when our Midwestern farmers’ markets open this weekend, and the reason I won’t set my alarm to be there at the opening.    But in this soup, they blend together like a well-practiced symphony at which only a refined ear (err, palette) can pick them apart.

Dorie calls the asparagus, “a trusty harbinger of spring and a promise of warmth ahead.” But I’ve eaten enough bad and out-of-season asparagus to be gun shy. The stalks I picked at the grocery store were skinny and on the verge of limp, and instantly made re reconsider my dinner plan.  But I had faith in Dorie, and worked her magic.  She does not disappoint.

Follow her recipe, but consider adding chicken pieces to make this soup your whole meal on a rainy and cold spring night.

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