It was the televised marathoners that did me in

But if I had Olympic Fever, this would really excite me: Michael Phelps’ Record Setting Gold Medal Winning Breakfast:

Breakfast of Champion

(Double click to make the image bigger.)

It’s obvious to me that he’s lost his chance for an endorsement deal with Wheaties, but I’m thinking the marketing teams at the American Egg Board and Barilla Pasta are drafting proposals as we speak!

My worlds collide

How is this even possible? I found a food note on a grammar blog (Yes, I am one of the 9,000 current card carrying members of SPOGG, the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar):

Susan F. takes no prisoners, at least when it comes to her snacks. She objects to language in a Power Bar ad that reads: “Eat Good. Look Great.”

She says, “I wrote a letter, saying that ‘Eat Well’ would have been a better choice of words and grammatically correct.

It turns out that Susan wrote two letters to the makers of Power Bar, and was eventually told that slogans don’t have to be grammatically correct. They also gave her coupons. She gave the coupons away.

While I am not usually one to shy away from coupons, I admire her loyalty to the cause!