Food Find: SugarBliss Cake Boutique

I had one Wednesday not long ago that was just one of those days.  It started with a very frustrating call from my realtor (nine days before closing!), followed by a  frustrating conference call, a do-it-yourself plant arrangement (how many Senior Staff Writers can say they’ve arranged Birds of Paradise and orchids with their executive directors?)  and finally a Norwegian man who walked into my office seeking asylum from a private company (we’re a professional society, not a church).  I needed something sweet.

So when I happened upon SugarBliss on my way to the train station, I found a $10 bill in the bottom of my wallet and picked two: lemon drop and Texas red velvet.  They are both fabulous: dense and light at the same time, sugary sweet, made with real ingredients, and TONS of frosting.  Perfect!


(The menu also lists frosting shots for $1, which I feel might be in my future, as well as breakfast cupcakes.  I’ll have to investigate that further.)

Yet another day called for more of the same, but with limited cash on me I popped for just one cupcake to eat on the train going home:  orange creamsicle.  It made me a bit nervous, but it was the best available option.  It did not disappoint. The frosting alone was a bit cloying, but eaten with the delicate vanilla cake it was delightful – the cake totally mellowed out the frosting and I was one happy commuter.  I just wish they had better packaging for a single cupcake fix so that I wasn’t forced to lick frosting off the bag on the train.