Web find: Bacon du Jour

There are some days when you smack your forehead and say “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”  Click here to check out Bacon Du Jour and see if this is one of those days. It’s the latest project by one member of the Association for Women Journalists Chicago Chapter.


The concept is simple: every day they wrap something in bacon to see if it  tastes better that way. They take a photo and then  rate it using a bacon pun.


I was sad that the bacon-wrapped Peep didn’t work so well,  and  kind of grossed out by the bacon-wrapped pickle, and still other pairings have been inspired in a college dorm food sort of way.  But the site never fails to fascinate me in a way that makes people walking past my office wonder why I am making that face.  That must mean it’s a good site.