TWD: (Failed) Rice Pudding

I hate to say this, but my rice pudding was more like sweet stew – it never thickened!!

looks are deceiving

I guess my problem was common, and I highly recommend people with rice pudding tendencies check here to see what other people did to make this work.  The liquid was delicious, though, so I’m eager to try again someday because I L-O-V-E rice pudding.

It looked nice, though.

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8 thoughts on “TWD: (Failed) Rice Pudding”

  1. Sad 🙁 Did you see that Dorie had a typo, and it was supposed to cook for nearly an hour? If not, and you haven’t tossed it yet, just throw it in a pot and simmer away for a bit longer. It’s looser than some rice puddings I’ve had, but shouldn’t be soup!

  2. I think you’ll like this if you do decide to try it again. I had to do it twice, and after cooking it the right amount of time (and on more like medium low than low) it really was great! That darn misprint!

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