Potato Love

I tried this recipe (kind of) one night this week, and it was great! I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a while, but I had two huge potatoes in a drawer, a few inches of BBQ sauce in the fridge, a cold kitchen that didn’t mid 60 minutes of heat from the electric oven, and a husband who wanted to grill Big Steaks.



Viola! Sunday Dinner included seasoned potatoes!  I cut the potatoes like a fan, brushed them with butter, and then bathed them in my favorite bottled BBQ sauce (but their pictures are WAY better than mine. It’s no reflection on the absolutely perfect flavor and texture of the dish). These potatoes didn’t need any sour cream or cheese to be flavorful, so I felt kinda good about my meal.White potatoes are fat- and cholesterol-free, very low sodium, a good source of fiber, and high in vitamin C.

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