I seriously thought she was kidding

I routinely read the articles filed by the Chicago Tribune’s health  reporter Julie Deardorff, if only for their comic value.  She routinely finds ways that either I am shortening my life or ruining the lives of those around me by performing mundane tasks, like emptying the lint tray in my clothes dryer. If only I could use my left hand instead of my right hand for the chore, we’d all beat cancer.

Today, though, I really thought she was kidding in her article about 9 foods worth eating.  It describes foods we all learned to hate as children, why our parents made us eat them, and then why they are worth a second shot as adults.  I was with her for the first few: sardines, beets licorice.

Then she got to crickets.

I leave the rest to you.

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I'm a suburban amateur chef and professional writer who hates grocery shopping. Go figure.

2 thoughts on “I seriously thought she was kidding”

  1. Hi Joannna,
    I was kidding about the crickets. In the print version, there’s no mention of crickets, or wheat grass either. I’m sorry you didn’t catch the joke but I’m glad you appreciate the comic value in the rest of my work.



  2. LOL, oh man she left you a comment. I agree. I’m so tired of hearing or reading how I’m doing everything wrong and how awful I am. So glad to know I’m not the only one.

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