$250 burning a hole in my imagination

A blog I occasionally read asks today, “what would you do with a $250 grocery story gift card?”  I think that’s easy: stock the freezer. Ground meat, chicken breasts and thin cut pork chops. Heat and eat veggies. Lots of plastic tubs filled with my own spaghetti sauce and pesto sauce and casseroles. Bagels and waffles for my bleary-eyed husband to nosh before he dutifully marches off to work. And ice cream – ooooohhhhh the ice cream.


I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna need it all when this baby arrives in March and I’m too a) sleepy, b) disheveled, c) hypnotized-in-love with the baby, or d) cash-strapped to get to the grocery story and make us the dinner we both need. Or maybe there will be 6″ of snow falling in Chicago (since it’s not safe to put the snow shovels away until after Memorial Day).

What else should I stock up on for a March baby?

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I'm a suburban amateur chef and professional writer who hates grocery shopping. Go figure.

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