Can it Really be August?

Every news outlet we have in Chicago reported that July 2009 was the coolest July in 85 years: the average temperature was 70 degrees (five below the normal average) and some parts of the state didn’t have any days above 90 yet this year (Thanks, WBBMRadio).

My vegetables are not happy.

veggies in July

Sure, they are lush and green. But where is the fruit? My cherry red tomatoes? The Giant green peppers I long to stuff with meat and potatoes? The onions I should be using to top burgers fresh from the grill.  I got nuthin’.

My herbs, on the other hand, are thrilled to no end.


Anyone have any idea of what I can do with all that parsley?  I’ve been trimming it and throwing it in the compost pile just to keep the sage and chives happy.   The sage is nice on grilled cheese with apples or pears and fontina, and my chives are screaming for pan roasted red potatoes.  But parsley?  I’m at a loss.

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