TWD: Honey-Peach Ice Cream

oh, honey-peach ice cream, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…This was seriously the best weekend treat I could have asked for.  I fire up the ice cream maker a lot during the summer, and previously my favorite was Nutella ice cream.  But now that Dorie has given me this, I’m not so sure.

honey peach ice cream

Even though I used frozen peaches (it’s too easly for fresh peaches in this part of the country, and frozen peaches come already skinned. SCORE!) for this treat, I found it wonderful.  I like to think it’s the locally produced farmers market honey I used,  rather than that flavorless glop that comes in the plastic bear.  The ice cream was rich and fresh and summer-tasting.  I can’t wait to make it again!

So, to justify my passion, I found several health benefits to my indulgence (via DinineCaroline and Health24):

  • Peaches are low in calories and one 100 g peach provides almost three quarters of the daily vitamin C requirement.
  • The fruit has a gentle laxative effect.
  • Peaches are also rich in iron and potassium.
  • When allergy season hits, locally-produced raw honey may be an effective treatment. Local honey works best, according to some, because it contains pollen from the same local grass and trees that are making you sneeze. However, few controlled studies support the efficacy of honey as an allergy treatment beyond those showing that it works as well as a placebo. If you have severe seasonal allergies, consult an allergist before self-medicating with honey.
  • Honey might improve your oral health. Studies have shown that the anti-microbial properties of manuka honey, thanks to enzymes, can help clear bacteria from infected wounds and can be used to treat gum disease and gingivitis.
  • Honey contains the same level of antioxidants as spinach and strawberries, according to some research.  The antioxidants in a gram of honey equal the antioxidants in a gram of fruit.

So, eat up, readers! Visit Brown Interior for the recipe – she added amaretto to her ice cream! Might this be another place for my beloved bourbon?

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