TWD: Banana Cream Pie (the lazy way)

Oh, Dorie, how I’ve missed you!   Moving went as well as can be expected, but the few weeks I spent eating down the pantry (canned soup, jarred sauce, and frozen meals that I didn’t want to pack and move) were hard on me. I’m so glad to be in the new house, largely unpacked and back to cooking.  Sing for your Supper’s choice of Banana Cream Pie – even though I kinda screwed it up – was a great way to start back in!

Banana Cream Pie

 Check out that stove!

I made a half-batch of the cream and filled tiny graham cracker crusts with banana slices, the cream and Cool Whip from a can.   But I did make a special trip to the store for vitamin D milk!  My custard didn’t turn out quite as creamy as many of the photos appear, which I’m chalking up to the learning curve of the electric stove I inherited.  And when I started to bake I had only unpacked half the spice rack so I used pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and nutmeg, but the flavor was fantastic!  So much better than my go-to sugar free instant pudding with vanilla wafers and cool whip.

AND I got to try out the “new” stove.  There is definitely a difference between gas and electric, but I think I will learn to love this machine as long as it’s still working – the odd shape and size combined with the lack of gas line in the kitchen island make me think I’ll have it fora L-O-N-G time….

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