TWD: Chipster-Topped Brownies

The theme at my house this weekend seemed to be “little pieces of heaven.” Between the smell of freshly baked-from-scratch brownies and the fluffy/fudgy texture of the dessert, it was wonderful dessert heaven, which has now turned into breakfast heaven, appetizer-while-I’m-making-dinner heaven…..

The comments during the baking process didn’t conjure the same cherubic bliss.  We started with nearly a pound of butter, a half dozen eggs and the double-dessert task of making brownie batter, washing to dishes, and then making cookie dough.  But you still only get one dessert out of the deal!  After I created the batters – which were each wonderful to lick off the spoon- Mom went to work on the pan, placing tiny drop of cookie batter on a smooshy base of brownie batter.  “Tedious” was I believe the word she used (right before she reminded me that she was, in fact, doing a “superb” job).  But her face said far more.  I don’t think her Dorie experience on this vacation did much sell her one of Dorie’s books.

Chocolate Chipster BRownies

But, an hour later when we were smelling the brownies and lifting them from the pan, all was forgiven.  They are spectacular! The brownie part is heavy on the chocolate, but also moist and dense and delicious. The cookie top provides a non-chocolate crunchiness to soften the blow of the brownies – it’s not far from the Toll House cookie recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, but the not-for-a-box brownies make it taste like so much more.

I recommend that if you have a whole afternoon to kill making one dessert that you will eat for every meal all week long, you visit  Supplicious, where Beth has posted the recipe. (BTW, Mom recommends using many small drops to get the cookie dough onto the brownie batter, rather than large clumps of dough.)