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It seems so tedious now…

I was going to write something about how we’re all poorer with Indiana a non-factor in college basketball, which they really have been since the 2002 national championship game.

I’ll spare you the trite garbage. It was garbage too. My life isn’t as enjoyable, watching teams I largely don’t care about. I will root for Vanderbilt, as it will make for a happier home. The Commodores are playing good basketball, but if they get cold shooting like they did in the last three minutes against Florida Saturday, it’ll probably be the end of the line for them.

As for Indiana, Tom Crean has one year to make the tournament, and probably a max of two years to make a run. My patience has run thin.

As for this year, you read it here first:


Texas-San Antonio over Alabama State; Ohio State over UTSA; Villanova over George Mason; UAB over Clemson; UAB over West Virginia; Kentucky over Princeton; Marquette over Xavier; Syracuse over Indiana State; Washington over Georgia; UNC over LIU; Ohio State over Villanova; Kentucky over UAB; Syracuse over Marquette; North Carolina over Washington; Kentucky over Ohio State, North Carolina over Syracuse; North Carolina over Kentucky.


Duke over Hampton; Tennessee over Michigan; Arizona over Memphis; Oakland over Texas; Missouri over Cincinnati; Connecticut over Bucknell; Temple over Penn State; San Diego State over Northern Colorado; Duke over Tennessee; Arizona over Oakland; UConn over Missouri; SD State over Temple; Duke over Arizona; UConn over SD State; Duke over UConn.


Kansas over Boston University; Illinois over UNLV; Vanderbilt over Richmond; Louisville over Morehead State; USC over Virginia Commenwealth; USC over Georgetown; Purdue over St. Peter’s; Texas A&M over Florida State;  Notre Dame over Akron; Kansas over Illinois; Vanderbilt over Louisville; Purdue over USC; Texas A&M over Notre Dame; Kansas over Vanderbilt; Purdue over Texas A&M; Purdue over Kansas.


Arkansas-Little Rock over North Carolina-Asheville; Pitt over Arkansas-Little rock; Butler over Old Dominion; Utah State over Kansas State; Wisconsin over Belmont; Gonzaga over St. John’s; BYU over Wofford; Michigan State over UCLA; Flordia over California-Santa Barbara; Butler over Pitt; Wisconsin over Utah State; Gonzaga over BYU; Florida over Michigan State; Butler over Wisconsin; Florida over Gonzaga; Florida over Butler.

Final Four

North Carolina over Duke; Purdue over Florida; North Carolina over Purdue.

And that’s a Final Four I would not watch.


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