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June, 2008:

The Birds, Part II

They’re back! Actually, they never left!

After repairing* three (3) screens ravaged by birds, we have found two more window screens destroyed. More work for this weekend.

Birds are evil. Do not forget this.

More importantly, does anyone know how to keep the birds from flying into our window screens?

* OK, so my wife did most of the work repairing them. I simply wanted to get a professional. Is that so bad? Besides, I did help.

Golf tips anyone?

I took my wife to the driving range this weekend in preparation of her starting a battery of lessons. It was the first time I swung a club in nearly a year. Graduate school cramps my style, I guess.

On the occasion of Joanna starting golf lessons and the eve of the greatest tournament ever (the U.S. Open), I offer you golf tips given by two former Indiana coaches, Sam Carmichael and Bob Knight.

This circulated around IU back in the early 90s when the two put together a short golf series. They filmed this series at Legends of Indiana Golf Course in Franklin, Ind. (which is supposedly in pretty good shape after the devastating flooding down there over the weekend.)

Definitely a few profanities, so watch the volume if you’re a little sensitive.