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November, 2007:

My modeling career

Makes you want to apply now, right?

I would like to say that it was modesty that has delayed my posting of this, but it’s more attributable to my inability to post regularly. The above is part of page 23 of the Loyola University Chicago Graduate School of Business Viewbook. Should you request information on Loyola’s MBA program, you’ll get a booklet, and on page 23 you’ll get this ugly mug staring back at you.

This all started in February when the marketing department asked if I could be interviewed for the new Viewbook. What followed was about an hour with another student and an advertising account executive for the firm Loyola hired. In mid-April, I appeared downtown for a photo shoot. It was a spectacular day, and the decision was to shoot from atop the John Hancock Center. John Wong, an impressive Loyola MBA who is now an investment banker, is photographed in the Hancock viewing south towards the Loop. I am photographed looking north towards Oak Street Beach, the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park.

No cameras were broken in the photo shoot.

Don’t Look for this in the IU Alumni Newsletter

Who else was The gentleman on the left is a familiar face to anyone who went to Indiana with me in the mid 1990s, especially if he or she wrote for the Indiana Daily Student, was involved in any type of campus politics, was active in Greek life or (more particularly) was a member of Chi Phi Fraternity. I fit every single category, so I got to know Glenn Murphy (or as he is known in his hometown of Utica, Ind. as Glenn Murphy Jr.) quite well. Soon after Glenn was initiated into the fraternity, he became Rush Chairman. The quality of his work was unquestioned. An extremely talented graphic designer, he designed all of the rush materials that helped promote summer rush events to incoming freshmen. We had a summer rush class of more than 20, which is unheard of. Glenn’s talents were evident in some of his other dealings at IU, but that’s not why we bring him up today.

Glenn seems to find himself in a little bit of trouble, thanks to a late July incident in Southern Indiana. You can find the details of the accusations on your own, but in a nutshell, Glenn sexually assaulted a 22-year-old man who was sleeping. Imagine the 22-year-old’s reaction to wake up like this. It’s nothing I want to ponder for very long.

I had graduated, when in October 1997, I received a phone call from another friend in the house. Glenn was leaving the fraternity house and Bloomington because of accusations leveled against him within the house. Suffice to say that the accusations leveled against Glenn in 1997 are very similar to the accusations he faces now. No charges were filed because the fraternity simply wanted him to leave the house. He returned to Utica, and told all non-fraternity members that he was transferring to IU Southeast (in New Albany) for other reasons.

Since then, Glenn changed his party affiliation (he was a Democrat in college who smugly swore to me once that “He’d never become a Republican”), joined the GOP, and ran the Clark County Republicans. Understand that Clark County is a Democratic stronghold. Glenn helped get city council members elected in Jeffersonville, get county commissioners elected, and he at least takes credit for getting Mike Sodrel elected to the house in 2002. (Sodrel lost to Democrat Baron Hill in 2006.) Friends of mine in Indianapolis had run-ins with Glenn, and didn’t appreciate some of his Machiavellian tactics, as Glenn was heavily involved in a Secretary of State race a few years ago (2002?). I don’t know the details, but my friends backed someone else, and Glenn backed Todd Rokita, who is now the Secretary of State.

Anyway, Glenn also became active in the Young Republicans National Federation, being elected chairman this summer in Miami. A few weeks later, he was caught with his pants down (or with the other guy’s pants down, I’m not sure).

Let me add a few things here. First, this incident occurred. Glenn’s defense is that this was a consensual act. Second, I have no doubt it was not consensual. Third, it appears a police report was filed in 1998 accusing Glenn of a similar thing. Fourth, before I was told of Glenn’s being asked to leave the house, I heard a couple other accusations of slightly less serious but strangely disturbing stories of a couple of people waking up with Glenn right next to them. I didn’t believe these first two stories. The October 1997 accusations seemed believable, but what could I say — I wasn’t even an active member of the house. The 1998 and 2007 incidences show that he is a serial offender.

Finally, Glenn was the opposite of a “Gay-basher” when I knew him. He was very socially liberal but claimed to be fiscally moderate. He became more conservative, but I never knew him as “anti-gay” as the Far Left likes to paint the GOP. (I could argue against some of those accusations later, but that’s not the point). This is not a hypocrisy issue, as Wonkette implied in August. Whatever his political beliefs are, does it make it any worse than his actions already are?

He was charged Friday, and his trial will likely be next summer. I hope he sees some jail time.