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It was 80 degrees here last week

And nothing’s worse than waking up to this! Snow on April 18. Snow less than a week after short sleeves weather. Snow just 160 miles from sunny skies and 70 degree weather in Indianapolis.

Why do we live here?

Setback for Spring

Spring had been advancing so easily that it was easy to forget what kind of tease March is. And then today comes along.

We had been getting comfortable with the 50-degree weather, the longer days and so forth, but today we’ve seen rain turn to sleet turn into snow. We had some flurries quickly erupt into a quick dusting of snow, and then quickly dissipate.

If only that was the last of the snow! We’re supposed to get 3-5 inches, maybe a little more, depending on which meteorologist we read.

All of this would be OK had it not been moving weekend. We’ve been inside and outside all day. Monday and Tuesday, the major moving days, could see some heavy rain too.

I guess that’s what we have to look forward to the next two or three weeks as winter and spring fight to the death. At least spring ultimately wins every time.

A little damp

 OK, it’s not a disaster like we’re seeing in Houston, but wow are we getting hit with rain.  Joanna and I are trapped in our house with flooded land to all four sides. At least our house is nice and dry, and protected from just about any flood situation. You might need to get in touch with the junk removal allentown company if you have problems on cleaning your home.

Looking east, we see a flooded Founders Drive (and a flooded west side of our development). That blazer in back is trapped, by the way:


To the north, Founders looks flooded all the way past Kamp toward Techny Rd., and Northbrook police work to fish out an SUV:

Looking North

To the south, Founders is closed in front of the Lowe’s. (In my earlier trip to Lowe’s today, I might have been the only guy not buying a wetvac.)  The guy in the umbrella is me:

Surveying the scene South

And to our west, our vast field is playing the role of flood plain. The body of water at the foot of Willowhill is the Middle Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River.

Looking West